„Rooms offer the space where ideas and inspirations can become realities“

– Each has its own unique potential depending on requirements. They are an expression of personality, individuality and vision!

At amaroo concept we believe that well-designed rooms are an essential aspect of our overall quality of life. Combining our experience in conceptual design with relevant practical considerations we create a new perspective for our customers, enriching the atmosphere and enhancing the marketing experience.
Our team at amaroo concept has over 10 years’ experience developing concepts in art, design and interior architecture tailored to the wishes of the customer and their unique corporate identity. The high quality of our designs, together with our personalised approach, produces results that will leave a distinctive impression. We are happy to support you with small or large projects, adapting the scope to your personal requirements and budget.
We offer a wealth of experience in a wide variety of industries, including hotels, restaurants, office environments, private living, home staging and marketing suites.


Office Design

amaroo concept inspires a different kind of office design. We specialise in designing today’s working environments with creative ideas and well-considered, functional room concepts - also, then furnishing them as a united whole.

Innovation can only thrive in a stimulating environment. With flexibility, creativity, dynamism, new materials and progressive marketing concepts the office space we design adapts to every new situation – the office of the future.


“We help you to design the framework for an enjoyable, stimulating and convivial experience.” A combination of hidden details, a wide variety of furniture, and a skilful mix of haptic experiences using high-quality materials combine to create a multi-faceted design. With meaningful concept ideas, the latest technology, and a thoughtfully devised lighting system, we ensure that it is not only your dishes that are shown in the right light!


“Because there is no second chance to make a first impression!” The hotel lobby, foyer, reception, and hotel rooms are the areas where guests should feel warmly welcomed. Authenticity, functionality, and a well-considered choice of materials and products are decisive factors in the creation of a comprehensive, feel-good atmosphere and high-quality stay experience. It is only through this interaction that first-time visitors become regular guests.
Using consciously selected design elements and colours we create modern and timeless hotel concepts, with rooms that inspire again and again. These individual, readily recognisable designs will prove invaluable in putting your hotel into the spotlight, creating a characteristic, distinctive external appearance supportive of your marketing. “We create a design that goes beyond the norm and turns a favourite place to stay into a home-from-home.“

Marketing Suites │ Home Staging

New buildings, or empty spaces in buildings, offer a ready-made opportunity to further both existing projects and the future aspirations of a company. amaroo concept develops creative furnishing concepts in accordance with the marketing of a building in its entirety. We combine these with contemporary art and international design, creating a powerful and unique impression.

With carefully selected materials, colours and shapes, visitors find their every sense to be stimulated, leaving a lasting positive and pleasant memory. Marketing suites should stand out from the multitude of other spaces if they are to optimally support marketing and commercial ventures.

Private Living

Every design project is as unique as the customer requesting it. Our residential property projects co-ordinate individual dreams, aspirations and lifestyles, resulting in a unique end-product. Our attention to small details and craftsmanship, combined with a close collaboration with our clients, leads to individual and modern spaces, pleasing on many levels.

Our personalised approach ensures the creation of a high-quality and individual design, the distinctive realisation of our clients’ dreams. We are happy to help you with both small and large projects, adapting the remit to the requirements and aspirations of each one.

Architectural Art

Art in architecture represents a company’s cultural interests, whilst at the same time increasing the attractiveness of the location. The integration of art on and in buildings is therefore a particularly important challenge. amaroo concept plans overall artistic concepts for the interior and exterior of buildings for project developers and architects, always in accordance with the individual object marketing.

We undertake the pre-selection of suitable artists and take over the entire communication and support of all related competitions, up to the time of the project’s completion.

The special atmosphere created by a suitable art concept, and the associated external perception generated by it, gives the company a leading edge in the competitive world of marketing by giving the buildings a special personality and soul.

Andrea Schwarz

Since completing my studies my aim has been to combine architecture, exterior and interior design, and art into one entity, so as to create a beautiful and truly comfortable environment. For me, recognising each project to be unique is paramount, enabling it to become both something personal and an accurate reflection of the individual character and their artistic intention.

In order to achieve this, I gain great pleasure in applying my energy, creativity and passion for interior design, to help turn the dreams of my clients into reality.