Hier kommt die Sonne

A movie by Michael Schuster


icon-sounds-of-silence.jpgSounds of Silence ulli-boehmelmannUlli Boehmelmann stephan-gervers-iconStephan Gervers


icon-hoppe-video icon-hoppe-videoKlaus Hoppe icon-hoppe-video


icon-summa icon-summa.jpgAngelika Summa icon-friedeJuergen Friede icon-summa


icon-schmitzHarald Schmitz-Schmelzer icon-schusterMichael Schuster jens-andresJens Andres icon-nussbaecherJohann Nussbächer
carsten-westphalCarsten Westphal jaakov-blumasJaakov Blumas icon-belotJulia Belot icon-mellaMella
icon-hoppe-videoMartin Conrad


icon-baquetLilly icon-baquetFrank Baquet klaus-hoppeKlaus Hoppe markos-dolopikosMarkos Dolopikos
icon-heiderichMatthias Heiderich icon-kaeseMotions icon-kaeseStefanie Käse
amaroo concept works with a variety of artists in order to create individual concepts for our customers. Be inspired by clicking on each artist’s show. A well chosen and carefully placed collection of art or design work will not only transform your own work environment but also your clients’ and employees’ perception of your business.

The individual attention given by amaroo concept to each project, combined with our advice on all aspects of art and its presentation, will assist you in communicating of your corporate identity and in enhancing the image of your organization.

Our Team selects appropriate artists and designers, colours, materials and techniques that best satisfy the brief while, at the same time, providing you with professional project management and support.