The 900 sqm office floor in Tower 185 was to be designed gen­er­ously, openly, thought­fully, har­mo­ni­ously, brightly and friendly in order to cre­ate a gen­er­ous office ambi­ence that would reflect the high demands of the glob­al investor on his own activ­it­ies, his glob­al under­stand­ing, the high esteem for cus­tom­ers and employ­ees in the design of the rooms, in the choice of col­ours, forms and fur­nish­ings. With a com­pletely free hand for plan­ning and brain­storm­ing, we have incor­por­ated the company’s exist­ing archi­tec­ture and cor­por­ate design to cre­ate space, light, tran­quil­lity, dis­cre­tion, eleg­ance and atmo­sphere, cre­at­ing open work­spaces that still offer many oppor­tun­it­ies for con­cen­trated work.

From col­ours, shapes, choice of mater­i­als, own and indi­vidu­ally designed designs up to the accessor­ies we have left noth­ing to chance. The res­ult is a har­mo­ni­ous over­all concept and a very spe­cial ambi­ence whose pos­it­ive atmo­sphere can be exper­i­enced imme­di­ately in all areas of work. A gen­er­ous entrance area opens access and view into the invit­ing meet­ing point. From here, the oth­er rooms can be accessed: open work­sta­tions, divided into quiet lounge spaces and integ­rated think tanks, as well as large, sep­ar­ate con­fer­ence rooms and pan­tries as retreats for breaks. The work­places are designed in such a way that every employ­ee can work in a pro­tec­ted yet com­mu­nic­at­ive area. The indi­vidu­al offices are sep­ar­ated by glass par­ti­tions with semi-trans­par­ent foil designed by us at view­ing height, without exclud­ing them from the over­all room concept.

Much warm white, com­bined with soft grey and beige tones — from the wall col­our to the floor cov­er­ings and the com­plete fur­nish­ings — trans­port a func­tion­al and simple, but nev­er­the­less warm and eleg­ant, very dis­creet and har­mo­ni­ous atmo­sphere with a lot of bright­ness and tran­quil­lity. The green of the cor­por­ate design as a recog­ni­tion fea­ture appears again and again as a refresh­ing clip.

The designs of the visu­al par­ti­tions developed by us are repeated as wall­pa­per pat­terns or are milled into the cab­in­et cas­ing. The spe­cially designed built-in ward­robe, which runs com­pletely through the office floor, is a very spe­cial high­light. Func­tion­ally and attract­ively designed work­sta­tions, typo­graph­ic ele­ments that serve as design ele­ments and selec­ted fur­nish­ings and accessor­ies cre­ate a spe­cial, har­mo­ni­ous work­ing atmosphere.


Cli­ent: CBRE Glob­al Investors Ger­many GmbH
Loc­a­tion: Frank­furt am Main, Tower 185
Area: approx. 800 m²
Com­ple­tion: 2013