Dipl.-Ing. Andrea Schwarz, Owner of amaroo concept GmbH

    Andrea Schwarz studied architecture at the University of Frankfurt and moved to Sydney to work for a renowned architectural firm before setting up her own art and interior design consultancy. Her work seeks to combine art, design and interior design to create a harmonious and persuasive whole which communicates a company’s values to its own employees as well as the outside world. Her work therefore touches the core of successful marketing strategy.

    People behind the Woman

    Our customer service team is comprised of creative Interior Designers, Architects, Artists as well as Graphic Designer. The combination of these skills will add greater depth to your next project. Let us combine colours, materials, forms, design and arts for you. We would love to become your professional design consultant!

    Idea behind the Name

    The translation of “amaroo“ in the Aboriginal language is “a beautiful place” which perfectly reflects the passion we have for the work we do: designing stunning spaces through the incorporation of art and design.