An inter­na­tion­al law firm was accom­pan­ied by Ama­roo concept in the course of an intern­al move in the Nex­tower in Frank­furt am Main from the begin­ning to the realization.

An optim­ized occu­pancy plan­ning over 4 floors was the basis for the design of a hol­ist­ic interi­or design concept. For an area of approx. 4,200m² Ama­roo concept developed a com­pre­hens­ive cor­por­ate design, which com­mu­nic­ates an eleg­ant and time­less atmo­sphere with a sens­it­ive col­our scheme, suit­able mater­i­als and indi­vidu­al fix­tures. In addi­tion to func­tion­al work­sta­tions, lib­rar­ies and open spaces, the focus was on the design of the con­fer­ence floor, where inter­na­tion­al cli­ents and vis­it­ors were wel­comed. The CI col­our grey is integ­rated into the concept on all floors in vari­ous shades with dif­fer­ent sur­faces such as spat­u­las or high-qual­ity wall­pa­pers and is accen­tu­ated in the recep­tion area by a radi­ant yellow.

We have dis­creetly incor­por­ated the slightly con­struct­iv­ist form­al lan­guage of the build­ing into the concept and trans­ferred it to the interi­or with indi­vidu­al designs — such as the dynam­ic recep­tion counter and the side­boards. For recep­tions and events there are also two roof ter­races of over 400 m² avail­able, which are of course part of the over­all concept. Here you have a won­der­ful view of the city, which under­lines the inter­na­tion­al char­ac­ter of the firm.


Cus­tom­er: Inter­na­tion­al law firm Frank­furt a. M.
Loc­a­tion: Frank­furt am Main, Nextower
Size: approx. 4,283 m², 428 m² roof terrace
Com­ple­tion: 2017