Lex­mark Deutsch­land GmbH has moved its headquar­ters to Neu-Isen­burg. We have accom­pan­ied this pro­cess from the first sketch, the devel­op­ment of a new cor­por­ate design to the real­isa­tion and fur­nish­ing of four new office floors. Each of the floors appears in a dif­fer­ent col­our world, which refers in each case to the CI col­ours of the enter­prise. The over­all col­our concept with a dis­creet, eleg­ant grey is com­bined with the col­ours green, blue, orange and yel­low. The col­ours define the space and under­line the cor­por­ate design for vis­it­ors and employees.

Our design concept addresses aspects of Lex­mark Deutsch­land GmbH’s new focus on “eco­logy and sus­tain­ab­il­ity”. The abstract design of a leaf struc­ture, adop­ted as a wall design and adap­ted to the respect­ive CI col­ours on each floor, sym­bol­izes the prox­im­ity to nature. It also cre­ates a uni­form image as a con­nect­ing ele­ment between the floors and ensures visu­al recog­ni­tion. The work­ing envir­on­ment in the employ­ee lounges, open-space areas, double and indi­vidu­al offices, con­fer­ence rooms and com­mon areas is mod­ern and flex­ible. The selec­ted fur­niture design is also based on the CI guidelines and con­veys a Scand­inavi­an look.

We also achieve a high degree of recog­ni­tion through the devel­op­ment of our “sig­nage and typo­graphy concept”: the rhom­bus taken from the logo and adap­ted to the col­our of each storey defines the indi­vidu­al areas of the office floors. It serves as a guid­ance sys­tem for ori­ent­a­tion and guides employ­ees and vis­it­ors through the rooms and floors. For the design of the con­fer­ence rooms in a sep­ar­ate wing, the Lex­mark-Werk: The Art of Num­bers — Cor­por­ate Cul­ture was trend-set­ting. Styl­ist­ic ele­ments from this were used for wall design in these areas over­sized and as a guid­ance system.


Cli­ent: Lex­mark Ger­many GmbH
Loc­a­tion: Neu-Isenburg
Area: 4 floors
Com­ple­tion: 2015