Art in Construction in Europe: “Art in the River of Urban Life”

Amaroo concept was responsible for the design and development of a superior art concept for the public and generally accessible areas of the new office building MEANDRIS of STRABAG Real Estate GmbH. Architecture and in particular the design of office complexes, which are intended for many people, represent a special challenge. It is easy to get them out of the uniform look with a well thought-out and creative concept.


The concept “Art in the flow of urban life” forms a contrast to the strong architecture and the monolithic construction of the building in dark natural stone facade. It uses light, elegant colours, round, flowing shapes and abstract objects.


The two-storey foyers of the two parts of the building were accentuated in light blue or soft sand and decorated with two expressive art objects by the Berlin artist Wolfgang Flad. In a foyer, a positive relief of water drops made of wood attracts attention. This “splash” can be found in the second foyer as a negative relief. In this way, the two entrance areas differ from each other – but correspond with the opposite part of the building.


On the central square in front of the building, five coloured metal steles dominate the picture. Milled spiral lines take up the flowing forms again and create special lighting effects by illuminating the interior. This installation, designed by us, artfully shapes the MEANDRIS and makes it itself an art object in the figurative sense, both by day and by night.


Client: STRABAG Real Estate GmbH
Location: Frankfurt am Main
Rental spaces: approx. 20,000 m²
Completion: 2013